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Offer Terms

These two offers are valid on block bookings of 10 (for the recommend a friend) or 12 sessions (for new year, new you promotion) only. Bookings must be made on or before the 31st March 2015. The promotion will close after this date.

Bookings can only be made based upon a pre-agreed training times which are subject to availaility. These booking times once agreed will be set for the duration of the pre-paid course. They will remain unchanged throughout the course booking.

Training time slots cannot be held open once payments have run out. Each client will be advised that they are nearing the end of thier block booking payments before this time in order to give them the option to renew.

All free sessions claimed must be redeemed at The Body Architect Studio. The free session offer is only valid for a period of two months (8 calendar weeks) after the end of any pre-paid sessions. If it is not claimed during this time the offer will not be fulfilled.

The free training session is a one on one training session only which may only be claimed by the paying client themselves and may not be transferred or extended to any other person or group.

The 'recommend a friend' free hour of training offer can be redeemed a maximum of 3 times for 3 new clients recommended but can only be claimed once the new starter client has made payment in full for their 10 or more sessions.

This free session offer only applies for the same time / day of the week of your existing training sessions and can be redeemed at the end of their pre-paid block booked sessions. The prices quoted are based upon client requirements and will remain valid for the duration of the promotion.

The Body Architect will make every endeavour to accommodate your requirements but all offers are subject to availability and must be redeemed within 3 months of the close of the promotion.

The Body Architect.