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Do you really know what 200 calories looks like?

We all know that all calories are not created equal. Some are much better for us than others but do you really know what a 200 calorie snack might look like? Or, in exercise terms, how long it would take you to work it off?

Here are just a few foods around 200 calories for you to compare:

  • 1425g of celery...8 sticks (not a lot)
  • about half a seeded bagel (not much!)
  • 150g eggs (about 3 medium sized)
  • 41g bag of Doritos tortilla crisps
  • 41g of a Snickers bar (that's less than a whole one)
  • 33g of salted nuts

Roughly how long would it take to exercise off 200 calories?

An average person working aerobically (for example; walking, running or jogging) would burn of about 200 calories in 20 minutes of continuous exercise!

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