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The Benefits of Celery

When considering what to buy when walking down the isles of the supermarket, take a moment to consider the benefits of Celery. You need to understand exactly how celery can benefit your body. The vitamin C that's present within celery works with what are known as phthalides to help lower your body's cholesterol.

The vitamin C also helps boost your immune system and destroy any free radicals that may be present in your body. This will help decrease your chances of catching the common cold, flu and other illnesses and because celery contains potassium and lower levels of sodium, celery is also a great diuretic.

Celery helps regulate the balance of fluids in your body and increases the speed at which your body produces urine, meaning you'll lose water weight by eating celery. There is a little know fact that it takes more calories to eat and digest celery than there are calories in celery!! Wow, a food that burns more calories than there are in the actual food itself.

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