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Move of the Week: The Press Up

We all know the 'press up' is a challenging body weight exercise but did you know that this simple but effective exercise works your chest, shoulders, arms and abdominals. They don't require any equipment and build strength in all the right places and there are lots of variations you can do to keep the movement fresh!


Start by placing your your hands slightly wider than your shoulders, palms facing down, fingers facing forward. Feet should be hip width apart or slightly wider to provide slightly more stability. Think of the body as a straight line, head to heels so that there is no drooping at the head or bottom sticking up in the air! Keep your abdominal muscles held tight throughout and starting from a lowered position, extend your arms fully at the elbows and then lower until there is a 90 degree bend at the elbow. then push up back to a fully extended arm...That's one done; now see how many you can do. Build on your effort each time you do it by aiming to up your repetitions.

If you think you can't do a full press up on your toes, try modifying it to make it easier. Instead of starting on your toes, rest on your knees, you could even add an incline - using a step/seat to raise your upper body off the ground and make it easier.

For more variations of this exercise or for many other 'body weight' exercises please contact The Body Architect. We can create simplistic programmes for your needs that not only improve your strength but your overall general health and fitness, creating a positive impact on your life.

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